MILEY CYRUS..To be Continue.

We live in upside down expectations
Golden girl on the YouTube
Whitey with a southern gag
Brought up in the lights
With expectations of not turning dark.
Program to parade the alley in prom dress
And Fixed on the country press.
But things are not the way we always plan
Lost in the urban Struggle
Jacked up in Short pants and leggings
Rolling greens with the brothers
Drinking Ciroc and Lemonade
All Whiles twerking on the MTV.




Show me the curse
That a man dwell in academia
Strength in his nature    
Yet prevented in his path.

What is the curse
That make desires only resides in dreams
Thoughts flows like a hurricane
Good motives without doubts.
Yet action is forbidden.

Where is the curse
That dictate the future of noblemen
Pride in their noble deeds.
Strong in their convictions.
But without authority.

Tears and Sufferings

Long for the end of the curse

Show me the curse.