The fight is in our hands
Free talk in Freetown
Three decades of Fuckery
And they still talking shit.

Fat rat in a cat chase
Red or Green. Red and Green
Dinning on the state coffers
Whiles the people suffer .

The new word in town is Prosperity
Poverty and political insanity
People held and Things broken up
When the only thing that prospers is corruption.

As we Caught up in the anal of their thoughts
Our voices are below their thoughts
And When the dawn is over.May Lights reappears
O God,delivered us from their dubious ways.




Ps: One of those instances in my writing when I start with a pattern of writing and diverge midway in the process into something I don’t even know.
Stand Your Ground

The fight to stand on our grounds
Gun violences and homicides.
Zimmerman. The old dirty cat.
Martin,our new lab rats
Racing and yapping for our pride
When he is gone home.

They say it stand your ground
Degradation and Unemployment
Media deafness and abandonment.
Sharpton the toothless patriot
Green candy in a bag of skittles
All while we lose our common ground.

What did Gill said in Evolution.
Things were charging
But things are not together.
All we need to do is to pick up the fight
And stand above the ground.




They love us mounting the orange tree in the great state of Florida.
Grooming  the governors mansion  in Upstate Pennsylvania.
Yet despise our overreach at the dungeon of Arizona.
They love us negotiating the 10:1s at Ronalds’ heaven.
Standing for ready-use  at th corner of Boulevard and seven eleven
But Deride us cruising in our pimp out  chevy sedan.
They love us maneuvering the hallways at Hilton.
Fervently entertaining the onlookers at the national parades
Yet degrade my intentions for Princeton.
They love us showing up in November.
Showering the electorate numbers.
But swept us in the rugs of the house floor.
Yes they love us but only when Rubio calls.