The fight is in our hands
Free talk in Freetown
Three decades of Fuckery
And they still talking shit.

Fat rat in a cat chase
Red or Green. Red and Green
Dinning on the state coffers
Whiles the people suffer .

The new word in town is Prosperity
Poverty and political insanity
People held and Things broken up
When the only thing that prospers is corruption.

As we Caught up in the anal of their thoughts
Our voices are below their thoughts
And When the dawn is over.May Lights reappears
O God,delivered us from their dubious ways.




Show me the curse
That a man dwell in academia
Strength in his nature    
Yet prevented in his path.

What is the curse
That make desires only resides in dreams
Thoughts flows like a hurricane
Good motives without doubts.
Yet action is forbidden.

Where is the curse
That dictate the future of noblemen
Pride in their noble deeds.
Strong in their convictions.
But without authority.

Tears and Sufferings

Long for the end of the curse

Show me the curse.