Grey Optimistic.

I see you at the hearts of our deep tunnels

when the waves are at the highest

rushing to get hold of me

Changing the sceneries of our colorfulness.


I see you at the mist of our doubts

Lost in the matrix of our togetherness

Looking for something to hold on

A charming image of what ought to be


Bad Omen (SL)

It is or was a bad one for the sun to shine
Ripping through the land in our prime .
Proterced by a large,obnoxious Canopy.
Prorating it rays, as the grassroots grieve.
But if the Sun don’t shine
Who will take us to Verdure.

My 25th Anniversary: A Beautiful Life


The Rational Optimist

Unknown-3November 27 is my 25th wedding anniversary. Such occasions can be considered meaningless calendrical artifacts. But they do provide prompts for reflection and celebration. Yet in truth I hardly need it, since no day goes by without my reflecting upon and celebrating my marriage.

My wife has said she feels the lack of a sociability brain module that others have; and I feel that myself. There’s a lot of the loner in me. And, when I belatedly got ‘round to hankering after women, I was pretty clueless in going about it. Doubtful of my ability to land a great catch, I’d have settled for less; I cringe to think of some of the unsuitable women I pursued, fortunately without success. It’s an irony that the one I actually did get was the best of them all.Unknown-1

And whereas, for most people, by my stage of life, those fires have…

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Ps: One of those instances in my writing when I start with a pattern of writing and diverge midway in the process into something I don’t even know.
Stand Your Ground

The fight to stand on our grounds
Gun violences and homicides.
Zimmerman. The old dirty cat.
Martin,our new lab rats
Racing and yapping for our pride
When he is gone home.

They say it stand your ground
Degradation and Unemployment
Media deafness and abandonment.
Sharpton the toothless patriot
Green candy in a bag of skittles
All while we lose our common ground.

What did Gill said in Evolution.
Things were charging
But things are not together.
All we need to do is to pick up the fight
And stand above the ground.



“WHEN WELLS RUN DRY” By Francis Ben Kaifala

The Network for Change


No door’s so wide that can’t be locked

No light’s so bright that can’t be blocked

No lightening flash without thunder bolt

No burst of smoke without fire so close

Where will we be when our wells run dry?


Nature’s kind is bound to cease

Flow of Wealth is sure to freeze

So when we pluck our garden seeds

Tis wise to think that harvests ease

Like Joseph did in Egypt’s days of need


That’s what should be in lands of care

The leaders think on what is fair

So guide their steps in strides of fear

On rainy days do keep in careful ware

What all would reap when seasons dare.


I look with awe as our futures wear

Our leaders gladly sign what they ought to tear

Like smoke in wind our wealth disappear

Educated fools indeed they are

Who read…

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