“WHEN WELLS RUN DRY” By Francis Ben Kaifala

The Network for Change


No door’s so wide that can’t be locked

No light’s so bright that can’t be blocked

No lightening flash without thunder bolt

No burst of smoke without fire so close

Where will we be when our wells run dry?


Nature’s kind is bound to cease

Flow of Wealth is sure to freeze

So when we pluck our garden seeds

Tis wise to think that harvests ease

Like Joseph did in Egypt’s days of need


That’s what should be in lands of care

The leaders think on what is fair

So guide their steps in strides of fear

On rainy days do keep in careful ware

What all would reap when seasons dare.


I look with awe as our futures wear

Our leaders gladly sign what they ought to tear

Like smoke in wind our wealth disappear

Educated fools indeed they are

Who read…

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