Grey Optimistic.

I see you at the hearts of our deep tunnels

when the waves are at the highest

rushing to get hold of me

Changing the sceneries of our colorfulness.


I see you at the mist of our doubts

Lost in the matrix of our togetherness

Looking for something to hold on

A charming image of what ought to be


Bad Omen (SL)

It is or was a bad one for the sun to shine
Ripping through the land in our prime .
Proterced by a large,obnoxious Canopy.
Prorating it rays, as the grassroots grieve.
But if the Sun don’t shine
Who will take us to Verdure.

My 25th Anniversary: A Beautiful Life


The Rational Optimist

Unknown-3November 27 is my 25th wedding anniversary. Such occasions can be considered meaningless calendrical artifacts. But they do provide prompts for reflection and celebration. Yet in truth I hardly need it, since no day goes by without my reflecting upon and celebrating my marriage.

My wife has said she feels the lack of a sociability brain module that others have; and I feel that myself. There’s a lot of the loner in me. And, when I belatedly got ‘round to hankering after women, I was pretty clueless in going about it. Doubtful of my ability to land a great catch, I’d have settled for less; I cringe to think of some of the unsuitable women I pursued, fortunately without success. It’s an irony that the one I actually did get was the best of them all.Unknown-1

And whereas, for most people, by my stage of life, those fires have…

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MILEY CYRUS..To be Continue.

We live in upside down expectations
Golden girl on the YouTube
Whitey with a southern gag
Brought up in the lights
With expectations of not turning dark.
Program to parade the alley in prom dress
And Fixed on the country press.
But things are not the way we always plan
Lost in the urban Struggle
Jacked up in Short pants and leggings
Rolling greens with the brothers
Drinking Ciroc and Lemonade
All Whiles twerking on the MTV.


The fight is in our hands
Free talk in Freetown
Three decades of Fuckery
And they still talking shit.

Fat rat in a cat chase
Red or Green. Red and Green
Dinning on the state coffers
Whiles the people suffer .

The new word in town is Prosperity
Poverty and political insanity
People held and Things broken up
When the only thing that prospers is corruption.

As we Caught up in the anal of their thoughts
Our voices are below their thoughts
And When the dawn is over.May Lights reappears
O God,delivered us from their dubious ways.